What is Public Relations? Why does my Business Need PR?

What is Public Relations? Why does my Business Need PR?

Author: Haley Walker, PR & Creative Manager

We often get asked, what exactly is Public Relations and does my business need it? 

In short, PR is earned media rather than paid media which would be classified as Advertising. PR involves telling a story, and telling a story so well that the media picks it up and shares the news. (without you paying for it) 

At its core, PR builds bridges between an individual or organization and its audience.

For example, your business pays an influencer to speak highly of your latest product (advertising) vs. you send an influencer your latest product for free, and they post speaking highly about it (public relations). Your product earned that influence! Or you are a company hosting a blood drive for the Central California Blood Association and you contact the media to let them know and the media reports on this event. 

You may be asking, “Soooo, why does my business need PR?”

And I’ll tell you why! For starters, Public Relations is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful tools in the communications toolbox. You should ALWAYS incorporate PR into your marketing strategy!

Unlike any other form of communications, PR creates credibility and trust for your brand. As a business, you need to shape your brand to the public and create it in a way that you want to be portrayed. This can be achieved through PR. We call this the “positive buzz” we want to create a positive buzz about your business!  

Being in a generation of social media, we constantly see so much marketing and advertising. It takes more for a person to trust a brand. This can be attainable with the help of authentic influencer marketing and PR content.

With that being said, PR LOVES marketing! When you combine the two, great things can happen for your brand. 

Nowadays, the lines can be blurred between the traditional definition of public relations and other forms of marketing. That’s why at PREM, we reach to be your one-stop-shop, where you can get all of your PR + marketing needs under one roof!