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Get Paid to Post! How the Pinterest App can help you earn more cash as a creator

As a content creator and marketer, using various social media platforms is an essential role in helping grow and build a client’s brand. While IG and TikTok are all the rave, it’s easy for brands to forget about the importance of other social media platforms when they’re sucked into the never-ending updates of trending reels…
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The Debate on Hashtags – Are They Worth Using?

For many years, hashtags on Instagram were important in helping brands increase their reach, engagement and overall brand awareness, but now – are hashtags dead? Despite Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri announcing that hashtags on IG posts don’t really help you get more views, we still believe when used correctly, hashtags can STILL be effective. Why?…
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How to Use Google Keyword Planner to Improve SEO

When working in marketing, paying attention to how you implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics is a key element to ensure success in your long-term marketing strategy. In simple terms, good SEO allows your business or brand to reach more people online in an organic way. Most importantly, the traffic from SEO is mostly hot…
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