Pro-Tips From Experienced Social Media Managers That Will Help Improve Your IG Reels and Overall Content Creation

Pro-Tips From Experienced Social Media Managers That Will Help Improve Your IG Reels and Overall Content Creation

Author: Halle Sembritzki 

Instagram is constantly releasing more updates to the Reels feature on their platform and it’s clear to see, from any marketing perspective, that if you aren’t creating reels on your accounts then you’re missing out on big opportunities!

Since the launch of reels in 2020, this feature has taken the platform by storm becoming the highlight of Instagram with the platform’s head, Adam Mosseri, saying the app was no longer a photo-sharing app, but rather a video-sharing app instead. 

Knowing this, reels are essential for creators to implement into their social media strategy and are something we use for ALL clients when trying to up their social media game! We’ve seen first handedly how huge of an impact reels have made on accounts vs. the poor results of just posting static photos. 

Here are the PREM team’s top tips on how to grow your brand’s reach and engagement when sharing IG reels. 

Use a CTA in your caption 

A “Call To Action” is a great way to get your target audience to ACT after viewing your content. This will be your closer, allowing you to show your audience how to act, why they should act and what to do to close your sales funnel. Hook your audience with a great trending reel and then lead them in your funnel with a CTA. 

Use audio trends with 1k to 10k videos 

If you want your reel to be seen, it’s best to not use audio trends that are oversaturated. Meaning, don’t use audio that has over 30,000 videos. The sweet spot for trends is to discover it EARLY while it’s still in the range of 1k to 10k videos. This gives your reel a better chance of being viewed by your target audience AND, trust us, your video is more likely to go viral. 

Make sure to link your reel to the correct audio instead of keeping it as “camera audio or original audio” when uploading video to the app 

Speaking of audio trends…always be sure to link your reel to the correct trending audio instead of posting it as a reel with “camera audio or original audio.”  Save the trending audio you want to use for your reel to your profile, that way you can pull it up quickly and easily if you’re editing your reel in another app (iykyk) 

When heading back to IG to post, go to that saved audio and make sure THAT’S the audio you’re using when you share your reel. If you accidentally post your reel with that same audio, but it’s not under the trending audio tag, your reel won’t get as many views. Your original audio is not what started trending…the trending audio you found on IG trends IS what’s going viral! 

Use reel templates 

IG’s latest update introduced reel templates to its users. IG head Adam Mosseri announced that this will allow creators to spend less time creating and editing reels if they were to utilize templates. 

If the head of IG is saying to utilize reel templates – you utilize reel templates. By using this new feature on your reels, the algorithm is more likely to favor your content because the app is pushing for creators like you to use this feature. Take it from us – THIS WORKS! 

Create niche-related content 

Your target audience is not going to be interested in your content if it’s not relatable. The more relatable, the more successful your reels (and your content in general) will be. For example, if you’re a community college trying to get more students to study abroad, you wouldn’t create a reel about what it’s like to be a student on your home campus. Reel ideas would include money-saving tips, how to apply to study abroad online, what it’s like being a first-time student studying abroad, etc. 

A tip for content, in general, is to ALWAYS MAKE IT RELATABLE TO YOUR AUDIENCE! You wouldn’t like a brand’s content if it wasn’t very relatable to you right?! Us either. 

Share your reel to stories 

Stories are a great way to interact with your current audience. It can help strengthen your relationship with them and can feel more personal than a feed post. Rule of thumb: ALWAYS share your reels to your stories. With dozens of suggestions, ads and more in your audience’s feed, stories make your content more accessible to people who are already following you and may gain more impressions/views than a post itself at times. 

CHALLENGE: Post ONLY reels on your platform for 30 days and let us know how your stats increase 🙂

Still have questions about Reels? Email us at and we’ll be sure to answer them in our next blog!