Is TikTok Social Media?

Is TikTok Social Media?

Author: Caitlin Fry, #PREMtern

At this point, we can only assume that if you haven’t hopped on the TikTok trend it’s simply because you live under a rock (It is 2020 afterall!). TikTok is the newest video creation app that quickly took the social media world by storm and is constantly evolving everyday. Users have the freedom to create videos up to sixty seconds long with several editing features.

TikTok calls itself the “destination for short-form mobile videos.” You can upload videos to the platform, create videos within the app, and even intergate photos. There are also several filter effects, video effects, and different audios. The options are literally ENDLESS. 

The app is organized in a feed form, in which users can easily swift through different content that relates to their likings. It appeals to nearly everyone with creative content. Many users describe it as “addictive” because of the endless content and entertaining content, making it completely unique. 

Teenagers LOVE TikTok. Like seriously. Love it. This is extremely beneficial for the many brands that hook onto the ad side of this app. Some very well known brands have begun to use these quirky TikTok videos to expand business to the younger generation. Brands like Chipotle, The Washington Post, Elf Cosmetics, and even the NBA have made usage of this upcoming app. 

We have noticed some major trends in using TikTok in social media strategy. The app tends to swift through different trends by popularity and using hashtags. We know that hashtags are incorporated with several social media forms but, in the TikTok world, hashtags are highly functional. Hashtags on TikTok are often used to organize trends, jokes, or different challenges. They can be super helpful when looking to pinpoint a specific audience. On top of the hashtag relevance, there always seems to be a specific kind of video trend that lasts around 1-2 weeks. We have found that it’s beneficial to hop on the trend IMMEDIATELY to gain exposure and stay relevant within the app. 

Unlike the restrictions placed on Twitter and Instagram, TikTok is unique in the way that there are literally endless ways to create original content. PREM utilized these trends by onboarding our client, Ike’s Sandwiches, to develop a presence on the app. Creating fun, quirky videos for Ike’s has led to an incredible response in views on the app. We recently created a short video surrounding the hit Netflix series, “Tiger King.” Being that this series has recently been a trend, the video instantly gained views. 

Based on what we stated above, you can see why it’s helpful to create a name for a brand on this new and upcoming app. Once you hit viral on a challenge, trend, or joke… the TikTok community will be raving for your brand. So now for the real question. Is TikTok a reliable social media source? Our answer is simple: YES! PREM is ALL about TikTok for social media content creation.