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Creative Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Business

Author: Marilyn Cowley, Founder and CEO The question right now is not when should I start marketing again — it is what and how should I be marketing. Now is the time to be thinking of new and creative ways to drive traffic to your business. Think about it. Everyone is on their devices, watching…
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Should I Be on Social Media During the Coronavirus?

Author: Kaitlin Murrell, #PREMtern The question is not, “When should I get back on social media?” it should be “What should I be posting right now to capture my audience?” HELLO, everyone is ON THEIR DEVICES! Why would you miss this opportunity? Many businesses probably don’t know what to say on their platform right now…
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Why Should I Work With a Social Media Agency?

Author: Annalee Fanucchi, Marketing Director Let’s cut to the chase – your business can reach more customers and increase revenue by successfully utilizing social media marketing! However, it’s not as easy as simply creating an account and posting content. Do you know anything about the Facebook algorithm? Are you posting daily Instagram stories? Should your…
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