Category: Public Relations

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Impact Business From Here On Out

Author: Haley Walker, PR & Creative Manager 1. Unfortunately, things are not going to just shift back to normal – it is likely businesses that have relied on foot traffic have converted their business to almost completely online.  So, what does this mean? This means businesses are going to stay online when this is all…
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How to Instagram Video Like a Pro

Author: Annalee Fanucchi, Marketing Director If you learn anything about Social Media Marketing in 2020, it should be that videos are KEY to your success. Videography no longer requires a full production with an expensive team, as Instagram is making utilizing videos and its features more accessible to everyone. With Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Instagram…
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What is Public Relations? Why does my Business Need PR?

Author: Haley Walker, PR & Creative Manager We often get asked, what exactly is Public Relations and does my business need it?  In short, PR is earned media rather than paid media which would be classified as Advertising. PR involves telling a story, and telling a story so well that the media picks it up…
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